Saturday, August 22, 2015

Five Mica Beauty Products That Completely Changed My Life

Hey everyone, I'm Jenni, he one who writes the Heat Lounge blog, and I wanted to take today's post over to talk about one of the best things Heat Lounge offers, and that's Mica Beauty products. I began using Mica Beauty when I joined the Heat Lounge team, and I can definitely tell you the have been a game changer for my beauty routine.

I know... you're thinking, "Sure, you love these products because they pay you to love these products," and I say NO! I wanted to write about these products because they are that good and you can only find them here at Heat Lounge in Atlanta.

Now, I'm a single mom of three who works full time, and I'm at that moment in my late 30's where my skin needs a little extra care. I have very sensitive, dry and acne-prone skin that will go crazy along with my stress level, which let me tell you, is always kind of high.

I've always been a believer in high-end makeup, because as far as quality goes, you get what you pay for. However, I am also on a budget, so I always relied on that coupon from Ulta every week and just bought what was on sale rather than what was best for my skin. I was also hesitant to try Mica Beauty products because in the past, I did not have success with mineral makeup. I found that it wasn't very long lasting, and the pigment always faded after a couple of hours.

So below I've put together a list of my favorite Mica Beauty products that have completely changed my life.

Mica Beauty B.B. Cream - $45

Mica Beauty B.B. Cream

Before I tried this B.B. cream, I was very happy with my Clinique B.B. cream, but once I tried this, I totally knew what I was missing. This B.B. cream is better than some high-end full coverage foundations with the way it covers and smooths out your skin texture. It stays put and the color always looks fresh. It has also done a great job of keeping my skin hydrated and controlling breakouts. 

Mica Beauty - Refreshing Toner - $25
Mica Beauty - Refreshing Toner

I love this toner. Love it! Like before, I was a Clinique die hard, but when I tried this toner for the first time, I threw away all of my Clinique skincare. This toner left my face clean and fresh, ready for moisturizer, and helped reduce the irritation and redness I always had after cleansing.

Mica Beauty Loose Mineral Foundation - $45
Mica Beauty Loose Mineral Foundation 

I jumped on the mineral makeup bandwagon when it became the latest trend 15 years ago, and I absolutely hated it, swearing it was never going to be for me. This led to years of trying dozens of different liquid foundations of all brands and prices, and never finding the right one. I was using Philosophy foundation before trying this mineral foundation, and there was no comparison. Mica Beauty's loose foundation was nothing like my experience those years ago. This foundation covers well, doesn't feel heavy on my skin, and actually has improved the texture of my skin over the last month I have been wearing it. 

Mica Beauty Mineral Lipstick - $22
Mica Beauty Mineral Lipstick

I am terrified of lipcolor. I have been all about nude lips since the first day I started to wear makeup. However, this deep raspberry/wine shade (#29) caught my eye, and I decided to play with lipcolor. Total game changer. I have shied away from color because I'm blonde with blue eyes and fair skin, but this shade was incredible. I wore it to an event a few weeks ago, and I never had to reapply the shade. It's also gentle on the lips and has the perfect amount of matte/shine. 

Mica Beauty Tinted Lip Balm - $22
Mica Beauty Tinted Lip Balm

If you're looking for a lip balm for everyday, check out this lip balm with several shades from natural to bright and deep. The packaging doesn't lie when it says it will last 24 hours, and comes with a handy built-in applicator. The long-lasting formula means a little goes a long way, so this is also a great value. 

If you're in the Atlanta area, you can get the entire Mica Beauty line exclusively at Heat Lounge. We have a team of professional makeup artists who can help you choose the best skin care and makeup products for you. Trust me, it will be a complete life changing experience. Call 770-352-4328 or visit the Heat Lounge website for more info today!

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